E-ticket NC is a powerful solution, developped in order to reach the needs of all types of events or sport and cultural activities. Whether you are a concert, festival, shows, entertainment or sport events organizer, or you propose transports, seminaries, workshops, there are 4 options available. 


E-Ticket has no banking fees, no installation fees, no subscription, no commitment. You only pay if you cash! An ideal solution for all your events!


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Price: 2%*

E-ticket is the hassle-free, super-fast and economical solution for you to sell your tickets online or at the ticket counter. The solution is 100% web, mobile, viral (Facebook), with a powerful and flexible technology, adapted to all worlds: concerts, parties, shows, colloquiums, workshops, cinema, sport, etc ...


Users: producers and distributors of concerts, associations, festivals, theaters, artists, cultural centers, students' offices, organizers of corporate events, loirsirs or evenings ...

Use: secure online payment, free point-of-sale delivery, quick and easy management of rates and quota, free invitations and free tickets, instant promotions, total control of your sales and free solution access control.

 *minimum threshold of 190 XPF per transaction

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Price: 5%*

E-sport has been designed to bring you a turnkey solution to facilitate the organization of your event to the starting line. Thanks to E-sport, you give yourself more time for field reconnaissance, the management of your partners and the logistics of the event. E-sport, it is a complete solution until the edition of the participants list for the delivery of bibs then the display of the results. Compatible with the solution of chip timing, available for rent, you will save a lot of time!


Users: organizers of sports competitions or sports events, asociations, leagues and sports or leisure clubs.

Use: sale of individual or team registrations, management of paid options to manage your stocks in advance (meals, shuttles, etc ...), addition in the medical certificate registration form and other digitized documents requested online to the participants, sales analysis tools, management of postponements, cancellations, refunds supported by Eticket according to the conditions that you set, automatic edition of participants' lists, e-sport solution compatible with smart chornometers software or bibs available for rent in New Caledonia.

 *minimum threshold of 190 XPF per transaction

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Price: 6%*

E-kotiz is the innovative and cost-effective online and pay-per-view solution for managing your sports associations and service clubs.


Users: sports clubs, sports leagues, service clubs

Use: online payment and at the counter, fees, sports events, tournaments, fan trips, sports courses ...

 *minimum threshold of 190 XPF per transaction

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Price: 7%*

E-resa is the solution to facilitate the reservation of treatments, courses, shuttles and leisure activities to allow you to cash in advance and consult real-time bookings and win tickets. new customers !

E-resa allows you to focus on the core of your business, streamline your administrative management modes (management of the course booking schedule, appointments, cancellations or postponements, entry of customer records, management of subscriptions with direct debit or payment in "N" times, management of members, etc.). This will save you valuable time, which will improve your organization and allow you to focus more on the quality of your customer relationship and the conquest of new subscribers.

Users: fitness rooms, sports coaches, diving clubs, sailing clubs, health and wellness centers, sports equipment, taxi boats ...

Use: management of members, online payment and counter, activities requiring a booking schedule, participant registration by stakeholders.

 *minimum threshold of 190 XPF per transaction