Eticket NC is the New Caledonian solution for selling and publishing tickets, registrations, fees and reservations online or in cash register, fast and secure. The solution is 100% web, mobile, viral (Facebook, Twitter) with a powerful and flexible technology, adapted to all universes: gyms, concerts, leisure activities, parties, shows, cinema, sports, workshops, traineeships, conferences, fairs ...

Eticket has no banking fees, no installation fees, no subscription, no commitment.

You only pay if you cash!

An ideal solution for all your events!

Several features are integrated with Eticket NC, making the ticketing solution complete : from ticket sales to entry control to powerful management and accounting tools. The ticketing and registration solution being installed in Cloud, its features are immediately available for your ticketing without any intervention in your premises, with nothing to install, maintain or upgrade. The complete solution is provided and made available securely and without delay by Eticket NC via the Internet. Payment is billed for use. You sell tickets and registrations, we cash a commission. If you do not sell anything, we win nothing!


Set up yourticketing and online registration module in just a few clicks. It's quick and easyWith Eticket NC giveyour participants the opportunity to register and payeasilyonline ! In a few minutes youwill start sellingyour services online ! 

Eticket NC offers many features allowing any event organizer to set up professional and functional ticketing :

  • Event sheet detailed and customizables to your image
  • Media integration (visual, video, or documents)
  • Multi-seance management
  • Geolocation of the activity
  • Sort by genre
  • Public or private event
  • Creating forms to be completed by your customers
  • Quota management on your seances
  • Management of reservation schdules
  • Creating complex packages
  • Promotion creation
  • Customizing your thermal tickets
  • Creating paid options
  • Creating a placed sale

Sell your tickets/Inscriptions online and in ticket office 

Multiply your sales channels ans sell where you want, when you want!

Eticket allows an online sale combined with a ticket office or a spot. The only required condition is to have a computer and a internet connection.

In a few minutes, your tickets are on sale on all the sites :

  • On the site www.eticket.nc: in a few minutes create your event, activate it in the category of your choice (service, concert, shows, festival, sport, internship, corporate event, etc) and trigger secure sales online via paybox.
  • On your own website : integrate in one click the HTML code of the ticketing widget. Your client remains immersed in your world and can directly access the sale of your services.
  • In the ticket office or on site : Whether for the day of the event or for pre-sales at partner resellers, Eticket NC provides a POS tool (point of sale) to create sales counters for sales physical. In order to meet the needs of all event organizers, even the smallest, the solution is compatible with a fixed set coupled with a professional thermal printer or a simple A4 printer.
  • On your Facebook or Twitter pageintegrate your Eticket NC ticketing on your FB or Twitter page and enjoy the visibility of social networks to boost your sales !
  • On all sites of your partners : give them the code of your ticketing widget and also allow them to sell your tickets / registrations on their own websites!

Sell safely !

Eticket NC is a SaaS solution (Software As A Service) for Internet ticketing. Eticket NC offers organizers of leisure activities, fitness rooms, club managers and event operators an immediate and complete service with secure payment.

 From the creation of your ticketing services, you can start selling by cashing credit card payments (the payment system is automatically linked to your ticketing). All transactions are secured via Paybox / CSB. When making an online purchase, your customer automatically receives a confirmation email with their ticket / registration and a payment confirmation ticket.

By default, your Eticket NC ticket office is automatically linked to our banking module. You do not have to sign a VAD contract or TPE subscription with your bank. Eticket NC is your only point of contact. During an online purchase, the transaction takes place on the Eticket NC electronic payment terminal. The money then transfers from your client's bank account to the Eticket NC bank account.

The entire amount of your sales is kept in an escrow bank account dedicated strictly to the transit of funds (so-called ticketing account). Then, between the 1st and the 5th then between the 16th and 20th of each month, a transfer is ordered on your bank account (RIB or IBAN indicated on the site) and that corresponds to the receipts collected by Eticket NC over the previous 15 days (from 1 to 15 or 16 to 30/31 inclusive) net of commissions. The payment is notified to you by email accompanied by an invoice.

Give the choice of payment method to your customers

Some of your customers do not want to pay for their purchases online? You wish to have a deadline to validate an inscription? Eticket NC has developed the option "deferred payment" which gives your customers the opportunity to register online from any computer station (at home, at work, etc), to block their ticket / registration, then to go to a physical point of sale (in your premises, at your reseller partners, the day D at checkout) to pay their purchase by check, cash or TPE, and before the expiry date you will have - even determined.

Edit professional heat tickets and custom acces control bracelets

Because a ticket is a communication medium and sometimes a collector's item, Eticket NC provides its organizers with professional thermal printers to quickly edit non-falsifiable and customizable tickets.

Similarly, Eticket NC offers its organizers to publish thermal wristbands in polypropylene, anti-UV offering a total security for the skin with adhesive fastener usable only once. Print your logo and all the necessary information. Your text ...



Eticket NC is also a webmarketing tool for your events.

Create promotion operations for your different audiences (partners, VIPs, suscribers, members, ...):

  • In just a few clicks, offer a promotion or a special offer.
  • Choose the tickets or the sessions concerned by your offer (quota of your places, validity of the offer).
  • The revelant public is notified of your special offer and conditions.
  • A tool to be both responsive and creative !


Eticket NC is also an innovative solution for sending invitations to partners, developing press relations, maintaining privileged relationships with VIPs :

  • choose the contacts of the invited people.
  • decide on the validity of your offer (session or service, category of ticket).
  • your guests receive an invitation email (their ticket is available for download until a chosen date).
  • after this period the invitations are put on sale.



Eticket NC offers a powerful management and accounting tool including a sales report, a dashboard and a series of nearly 10 accounting exports that can be filtered from date to date. Eticket NC synchronizes all your sales channels in real time (online and in-store sales).


Eticket NC synchronizes your sales channels in real time.

The organizers thus have an effective tool for the complete control of the event :

  • Management of ticket stocks
  • Availability Management


Eticket NC gives you the opportunity to follow the evolution of global sales or by event on the site by day, by week, by month or by year.

Display of key indicators, including :

  • number of customers
  • number of tickets and registrations sold
  • sales
  • number of canceled tickets


Eticket NC meets public accounting requirements :

  • complete traceability of ticket editing, cashing, booking and cancellation operations
  • recipe slip edition
  • cash bill due by treasury
  • uniqueness and sequentiallity of the ticketnumber
  • checking the mandatory information on the ticket
  • editing of detailed statistical reports 


Eticket NC allows you to manage tickets postponements, cancellations and freebies.

Postponement of tickets, cancellations-refunds, over-quota sales, placed sales ... are features provided with the solution.



With Eticket NC, you have the possibility to follow in real time the activity of each of your customers, members or participants. Among the features of the module "Customer Tracking":

  • Find a customer / participant in your database
  • Export client / particiant file of your event
  • Download and return or print a tickt / registration
  • Download and return or print an invoice/ customer receipt
  • Postpone a ticket / registration
  • Cancel and refund a ticket/ registration or an order
  • Export and then list the list of participants for each race / session / activity
  • Manage the status of members and control the balance and validity of current subscriptions





Thanks to the completely free OUIZ! Contrôle d'accès access control application, validate all your entries with your own Ipod Touch or smartphone and synchronize them with the solution at any time.


With its free mobile application, OUIZ! Contrôle d'accès facilitates access control on D-Day. Event organizers can validate QR codes on Etickets by scanning them using their Ipod or smartphone *. The OUIZ! Contrôle d'accès application also offers input management and a filling gauge in real time.

Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nc.ouizscanner.app&hl=fr&gl=FR

IOS : https://apps.apple.com/fr/app/ouiz-contr%C3%B4le-dacc%C3%A8s/id6446126359

* Smartphone running IOS system




With its free mobile application, Eticket NC facilitates access control on D-Day. Event organizers can validate QR codes on Etickets by scanning them using their Ipod or smartphone *. The Eticket NC application also offers input management and a filling gauge in real time.


Created in 2005 on the initiative of the Adamic (Association for the development of the arts and the industrial and commercial patronage), the Check culture is addressed to 12-26 years olds in situation of handicap or schoolboys, high school students and students fellows, or apprentices or holders of the Rex Pass. It allows young people to attend free performances in the different partner structures (REX Nouméa, ADCK-Tjibaou Cultural Center, Poche Theater, Cultural Center of Boulari Mont-Dore and Dumbéa, socio-cultural Dock of Païta, etc.).

No need to recover paper checks and count them by hand. Thanks to Eticket NC, the young person can buy directly his / her ticket / inscription on line and this one is automatically recorded in your statement of sale. Then you only have to export all the cultural checks edited and present them to ADAMIC who will refund them.



 Create and sell subscriptions / memberships to build customer loyalty and connect them with all or part of your events / activities / services. The Eticket NC solution automatically recognizes your subscribers when they connect and directs them directly to the rates and activities that are dedicated to them.


You are an annual event organizer, a sports club, a leisure company or a cultural public institution, and you have set up one or more subscriptions / memberships to retain your customers and allow them to access your activities. Today, you can sell your subscriptions / memberships via the www.eticket.nc platform and connect all or part of your events and activities.

When your subscribers connect to the site to place their orders, they are automatically recognized by the software and can immediately benefit from discounts or categories of tickets attached to their subscription.

Accounting level, via exports, you have the opportunity to know how many subscribers have bought tickets on your event. So you track your subscribers' attendance on your events and can make the necessary decisions to improve your offer.



Eticket  brings together 3 solutions: E-Start, E-Ticket and E-Résa. There is bound to be a solution that will perfectly suit your functional needs

Simple sale of tickets, placed sales, reservation on schedule, management of members, loyalty system, tools for setting up marketing campaigns, checkout, access control, sending of documents scanned by the participant, points of sale in shops, real-time sales tracking, quota and pass management, customer base, creation of "outside the wall" counters ... Everything is there!

More than a hundred organizers and companies use the solution in New Caledonia. The use of the solution requires no special technical skill, no hardware installation. The only requirement is to have a computer and an internet connection. The multiple levels of configurations allow to optimize the solution so that it adapts perfectly to the functional expectations of our customers.

Whether you are a company manager, director of an association or responsible for a small or large event, there is bound to be a solution that is totally adapted to your needs. Discover the 4 formulas and contact us for a presentation.