Eticket NC is a service proposed by the company OUIZ!

Eticket NC is a solution of sale and edition of on-line tickets or in box fast and secure and 100 % local! This solution will benefit to all the New Caledonian which will find an effective, modern and practical service there to be used in every corner of the country. The more need to move to buy its entrance fee from the events which give rhythm to the cultural and sports life of the country, the more need to queue up to register his(her) children on the internships!

Eticket NC is a service of box-office and on-line registrations used to create, promote and share events or participate in it. Of the fair to the festival on several days viathe registration of your child in the internship of veil or for a concert with closed ticket office, OUIZ! / Eticket NC makes things possible.

The digital strategy of Ouiz! / Eticket NC leans on a reliable technology which protects the public thanks to a firm, secure and immediate payment (Paybox / CSB). The solution is 100 % local, what means that the producer or the influencer has the possibility at any time to meet the team of Ouiz and to ask him(her), if need be, for custom-made evolutions !

Our vocation

Eticket accompanies the cultural, sports actors and by leisure activities in the evolutions of their jobs bound to the digital uses (taken in hand software in self-service, organized by counters in network, integration of the e-marketing tools, IT control of the accesses …)

Eticket improves the range of services to the advantage of the public by favoring the access to the culture, to the sport and to the leisure activities by the purchase of tickets and on-line, simple registrations or packaged (portal e-box-office, secure payment, system with procedures allowing to protect the authenticity from it, protected from protection and resumed by the system)

Eticket is a New Caledonian and united company: the service e-box office including all its features is free for any charity, united project or event R.S.E (Check culture, open days, harvests of donations for the Telethon, the A.V.E.C associations, Gets to join forces against the cancer, etc.)

Spirit team

OUIZ! is a New Caledonian company, based in Nouméa. Eticket NC is a ticketing, registration, schedule management and entry management solution.

The company was founded in 2013 by Diane-Lise DA-ROS, Frédéric LUCIEN and Cédric MIQUEL.

Since May 2022, the company has evolved into a new organization composed of Jérôme VERNAY (Manager) and Nour RIGAUD (Customer officer)

We are driven by a strong team spirit and we place customer satisfaction at the heart of our success. Ask to meet with us to make sure we have the right solution for you!