I do not want to settle my order thanks to the on-line payment

Know that the service of on-line payment Paybox is considered as being secured and what it is used by storekeepers' large number via the New Caledonian of Banking services (CSB).

However, in case you do not wish or cannot settle your on-line purchase, several choices can offer themselves to you.

1- Appointments in one of the points of sale that the organizer set up. You will find the address of these points of sale on the page of presentation of the event.

2- In the case of certain demonstrations, the organizer can decide also to set up the deferred payment. In this case, you have the possibility of taking your online tickets/registrations since at your home, then to mark this method of payment at the end orders. You will have then a further time to go on a point of sale to complete your purchase by a payment in cash, a check or a CB. The deadline in the course of which your order or registration is awaiting payment joins at the moment or to check you the box "deferred payment". The name of one or several point (s) of sale also displays.


Why I don’t pay my order on Paybox?

When you make an on-line payment by bank card, you arrive on the page Paybox ( secure on-line payment).

If the transaction is refused it can mean that:

- You made an error during the seizure of the numbers.

- You have no more the necessary fundsto make the transaction or your threshold of credit card is affected. Contact your bank.

- You try to pay with American Express, withdrawal card, a card Jade(Jade object) and not with a payment card accepted by Paybox / CSB. (The accepted payments are MasterCard and Credit card Aimed).

If it does not still work, then contact us a technical support.


How know if my reservation it’s okey/ How to know if my reservation was taken into account well ?

At the end of your payment, you will receive:

- An email of confirmation of your order with the link to download your tickets.

- An email on behalf of Paybox with the ticket of payment, proof that your payment was well taken into account.

You can also visualize your orders by connecting you to your customer account (with your email and password), in the section " My customer account".

If you did not receive an email of confirmation, or ticket of payment and if you do not visualize your order, contact us


An error message appeared during my purchase, are tickets reserved ?

Verify first of all that you received an email of confirmation of order and that tickets appear in the history of your orders (connect on your customer account and click on the tab "My customer account")

If it is not the case, a problem maybe arose during the authentification of your banking data, or the time of reservation expired. He can also arrive that a order was simultaneously spent by another user on the last available places. Thank you for renewing your order.


How to find an event on the site?

If the event for which you look is not put forward on the homepage, you can use at any time the search engine situated on the homepage. To click the upper right magnifying glass of the site may initiate a research by name of event, organizer's name, theme, date or place of distribution. 

If however, you did not find the sought event, contact us.


May I benefit from a promotional code ?

The promotional codes are freed by the organizers within the framework of promotion drive. A promotional code gives the right to à tariff reduction.

If you benefit from a promotional code, register him in the field "code promotional" at the moment or you seize the quantity of bought ticket(s).


May I cancel or modify my order paid time ?

E-ticket NC intervenes as simple intermediary of sale of tickets between the Customer and the Organizers of the showsor the concerned events, so by acting for the latter

Contact directly the organizer to know dispostions for that purpose. You will find the organizing contact on the page of presentation(display) of the event.


I am subscribed to the cultural season of an organizer. How may I benefit from subscribed price lists ?

Connect in your customer accountwith your email and your password. Select the showfor which you are entitled to the subscribed price list. The system recognizes you immediately and you will see appearing directly the advantageous price listwhich is offered to you as subscribed.


I am a member of a works council and I would like to obtain places with advantageous price lists how can it be done ?

If you wish to create a ticket office in your Works council and to benefit from advantageous price lists on demonstrations contact us.



I do not remeber any more my password

In case of forgetting of your password, click the link <<forgotten Password>> below the zone of identification:

It will be asked to you to inform the e-mail address corresponding to your account.

An e-mail will then be sent. Click the link contained in the email, copy and paste the temporary code and réintialiser your password.


During the creation of my account, I seized a bad email address. How can it be done ?

You have to remember the erroneous address which you informed and of your password. Connect with these identifiers, go to " My customer account and modify the necessary information.


I have no printer. How to print my tickets ?

If you possess a smartphone, you just have to present the QR Code present on your e-ticket to attend the event.


How may I have an invoice of my purchase ?

If you commanded and to pay online, it is enough to make you in your customer account, column "My customer account" and to consult the history of your orders. Find the concerned order then click on "Consulter", you will have then the possibility of downloading the corresponding invoice.



It is up to the organizer to inform you in case of cancellation or of transfer of its demonstration.

In case the latter accepts the refund tickets, you can send us a request of refund by returning you on your customer account then in the history of your orders. Select the concerned ticket then click the link " Ask for the refund of one or several tickets ". We shall handle your request as soon as possible.

In case the demonstration is put back, all the tickets will automatically be put back and you will receive an email to download your new bills(tickets). The old tickets will not be valid any more and will be rejected during the access control.

In case of cancellation or transfer of an event, and on agreement of the organizer, The refund transfer can be made only after return of tickets (except e-ticket). In the case of cancellation, the price of tickets will be entirely paid off to you, excluding charges of reservations and excluding charges port and except any expense which you would have been able to hire on this occasion.



What E-ticket ?

The e-ticket is the ticket which you receive when you make your online purchase. Unlike the traditional ticket, the e-ticket is a printable ticket at home in color or in black and white from your printer connected with your computer. He uses a unique bar code (QR Codes) and different for every ticket. Every e-ticket is scanned in the entrance of the demonstration and its validity is checked. Thus, if you buy two electronic tickets, you will print two tickets on some paper white and blank format A4 front/reverse. If you possess a smartphone and that you revez your emails on this support, do not print your e-tickets on some paper. It will be enough to you to present e-tickets received on your smartphone - only one the QR codes of every e-ticket will be scanned.

May I republish a ticket e-ticket ?

You can edit your electronic tickets as often as necessity by returning you on your customer account and by consulting the history of your order.

Know however that you are responsible for the use that you made and that only the first ticket of which the QR codes is scanned on the place of the event will be considered as confirm.


I have a smartphone, may I appear at the entry of demonstration without having to print my e-ticket?

Yes. It is enough to you for it to present to the entry the QR code that you received on the e-ticket received by email to the scanner. Watch out, the presentation of the email of confirmation of order does not allow to reach the demonstration. It is necessary to present the e-ticket provided with the QR code.


I bought my ticket in a physical point of sale but I lost him, how can it be done ?

If, during your purchase in store, you informed your name and your address and phone number, email, then you will receive an email of confirmation of payment and creation of account. You can then have access to your order and republish your ticket.

We incite you to communicate always to the seller a valid email address or an email address if you already have an account. So you will always have a track of your tickets and can republish them if need be.

Should the opposite occur, it will be impossible to identify the lost ticket and we shall not be capable of delivering you a duplicate.

Do not however hesitate to contact us if the case arises.


I wish to sell my ticket / registration: the new beneficiary can t-il enter the demonstration ?

In certain demonstrations such as the sportive events, the tickets/registrations are name specific.

It is however possible to change the beneficiary of a ticket provided that:

  • The deadlines imposed by the organizer are respected,
  • The beneficiary is a member of the same category of bills / registrations as the initial holder (ex: I cannot transfer my registration on the raid of Paita for one person which wants to runon the raid to Yaté.

For that purpose, meeting in your customer account, by clicking on the small upper right chap of the page then by connecting you with your email and password. Consult then the history of your orders. Click on "Consult" with order concerned by the change. Find the ticket to be transferred and click on "modifying the name specific information" to change the data.


I forgot my ticket, may I enter the demonstration ?

If you bought your on-line ticket or if you have to communicate valid information (name, email at least) during your purchase in a point of sale, then it is possible to find your order in the customer follow-up and to reprint your ticket. Should the opposite occur, we shall not unfortunately be capable of putting back to you a duplicate.


I wish to postpone my ticket on another session, is it possible ?

Yes, subject to availability and provided that the adjournment is made on the same tariff category of ticket.

To postpone your ticket, contact us by specifying the reference of the order, the title of the event and the date of adjournment.