• Limited rent: 1 PC + 1 thermal printer + 300 generic tickets 
Time/description Unit price (taxe free) This price includes
1 day 25.000 XPF Installation on the place* + 300 thermal tickets + 1h  of formation
Consecutive additional day 3.000 XPF  
1 week 40.000 XPF Installation on the place* + 300 thermal tickets + 1h  of formation
Consecutive additional week 20.000 XPF  
1 month 90.000 XPF Installation on the place* + 300 thermal tickets + 1h  of formation
Additional thermal ticket 17 F XPF Cost TTC
Bail / deposit  150.000 XPF By rented ticket office

 *Delivery and installation on Nouméa and Grand Nouméa. For the rest of the country, contact us


  • Long-term rental: 1 thermal printer + 300 generic tickets
Time/description Unit price (taxe free) This price includes
of 3 to 6 month 35.000 XPF / month 300 thermal tickets + 1h of formation
of 7 to 11 month 25.000 XPF / month 300 thermal tickets + 1h of formation
12 month 16.000 XPF / month 300 thermal tickets + 1h of formation
Retreat of equipment in our places free  
Delivery and installation 15.000 XPF On Nouméa and Grand Nouméa
 Additional thermal ticket 17 XPF Cost (All taxe included)
Bail / deposit 150.000 XPF

By rented ticket office

*Delivery and installation on Nouméa and Grand Nouméa. For the rest of the country, contact us



  • Configuration required for the installation of the printer

Windows® XP

Vista (32 bit / 64 bit) Windows 8.1 (32 bit)                                                                                                                                                                        

Installed and updated Firefox browser Mozilla



  • Punctual rent: 1 Ipod Touch + Application access control
Time Unit price (taxe free) This price includes
1 day 6.000 XPF Delivery* + Formation 1h
Consecutive additional day 1.500 XPF  
1 week 12.500 XPF Delivery* + Formation 1h
Consecutive additional week 10.000 XPF  
1 month 40.000 XPF Delivery* + Formation 1h
Application access control Free  
Installation of the application access control and formation on your own IPod Touch or smartphone 5.000 XPF  
Bail / deposit 40.000 XPF By rented IPod

*Delivery and installation on Nouméa and Grand Nouméa. For the rest of the country, contact us




  • Generic tickets Eticket NC

billets generiques

Beyond the fact that a part of your clientele will arrive directly on the spot with its already printed e-tickets, we offer you, for the rent of a ticket office Eticket NC, 300 thermal tickets bound, drilled in stump, and Ttamper-proof. Beyond, our politics always remains the same: you pay only what you consume! Consult us for special offers !

Quantity Rate TTC
Of 0 to 300 tickets Provided !
Extra tickets 17 XPF


  • Tickets personalized in your image

Because a ticket is a communications tool and because it is sometimes kept as memory of the event, offer right now to your customers and partners of the thermal tickets completely personalized in your image, in color first side and reverse. Communicate on your events or offer simply an original ticket to your participants!

Thermal tickets Rate (Taxe included)
Impression of tickets personalized in your image for printer professional box office Eticket NC:

Type: card 120g, automatic cup

Size: 80 x 186 mm, perforation origin to the left

Printing: four-color process CMYK first side / reverse

Delivery deadlines: 3-4 weeks upon receipt of the model supplied by the organizer

21 XPF / Tickets

(Minimal quantity with order: 6.000 tickets)



bracelets thermiques

Very practical when you organize an event on several days, the bracelet of personalized access allows you to save paper and to facilitate the access control in the entrance(entry). Thanks to Eticket NC, you have the possibility of publishing(editing) so many bracelets as necessary, personalized with your logo and the information which you consider useful to affix.

  • Bracelet in polypropylene with usable adhesive tie only once (no possible fraud);
  • protection of the bracelet thanks to a silver cover and anti-germs;
  • the used ink contains no metal and is resistant in UV;
  • thus the bracelet offers a total safety for the skin (these same bracelets are used in hospitals for the patients or in maternities)
  • without latex
Entitled Type Quantity Rate
Printing bracelets festivals, fairs, etc.... 6 Color of customizable bracelets with printing of text and/or image in black and white  2.000 94.500 XPF
Deadline of printing + delivery: 1 week working days as from the discount of the graphic elements by ' organizer 1.500  78.750 XPF
1.000  57.750 XPF
500  31.500 XPF
300  20.475 XPF
100  7.350 XPF
Printing and express delivery ( 2 working days) 2.500 XPF



Control the accesses to your parking lots VIP / EXHIBITORS / Artists thanks to the printing of adhesive stickers specially designed to be stuck on windscreen then removed without trace at the end of 3 in 5 days.

Entitled Type Quantity Price (all taxe included)

Printing adhesive stickers for car

(6 cms diameter without lamination)

Printing four-color process                              

( 4 possible different models)

Deadline of printing + Delivery: 7 working days as from the reception of models by the organizer

If stickers delivered in board 500 minimum 42 XPF
If pre-cut delivered labels 500 minimum 47 XPF



the hearing:

+ 28.000 sessions a month
+ 14.000 users a month
+ 239.000 pages visited a month
* Source: Google analytics traffic recorded in 2016

The public:
The companies of leisure activities and well-being, the event planners:
- The artistic time switches
- The sports event planners, the clubs and the leagues
- The public institutions
- The organizers of tourist exits

The target consumers among whom:
- the amateurs of exits and leisure activities (concerts, festivals, shows, evenings)
- The sport amateurs (raids, trails, water sports, court of fitness, etc.)
- The parents (registrations of the children in activities young audience and internships holidays)

Public place essentially



Eticket NC, it is some 7.000 visitors a month!

Take advantage of this opportunity(occasion) to put forward(to advance) your event by inserting an advertising banner in homepage as well as a bottom in your colors.

Entiled Time Rate (taxe free)

Banner in homepage, clivable towards the page of your mini-site event

Size: 1270 x 460 pixels


1 week consult us
2 week consult us
1 month consult us

Bottom of the banner homepage

Size: 1806 x 720 pixels                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

2 month consult us
6 month consult us
> 6 month consult us



vignettes à ne pas louper

To facilitate the search for the Internet users, all the events are classified by categories namely:

  • Concerts and evenings
    Festivals and fairs
    Shows and young audience
    Sport and Nature
    Cinema and Exposure
    Corporate events
    Yards and training courses

To put forward your event and incite to the click, you have the possibility of inserting a label into the part "NOT TO BE MISSED!" Which is in homepage below the main headband. By clicking on the label, the Internet user will automatically be managed on your mini-site event

Entiled Rate (Taxe free)

Label/ Sticker event

Size 800 x 800 pixels

Consult us



Keep at the most your universe and personalize the page of your mini-site event by inserting a banner of there make dizzy in your image or that of your partners.

 Entiled Rate (Taxe free)

Banner mini-site event

Size: 1980 x 370 pixels

10.000 XPF



Take advantage of our offer of welcome and benefit free of charge from the customization of your mini-site event. Contact us here


When he ends his order, or when he makes a reservation of session, your customer receives on his box an email of confirmation.

You have the possibility of personalizing this email of confirmation by inserting a banner there:

  • in the colors of your organization or your event
  • in the colors of your partners (sponsors and investors)
  • with additional information that to souhaitezpartager you with your customers / participants
Entiled Rate (Taxe free)

Insertion banner on the email of confirmation

Size: 1980 x 370 pixels

10.000 XPF




The solution of box office developed by is very easy of use and thanks to the training of handling offered with the rent of our material, it is possible to manage yourselves in a short time your sales on the spot.

However, if you wish, we can assure the complete management of your box office on the spot the day of your event. You take care no more of anything, we manage strictly everything! Contact us, by clicking here, to estimate together your needs!

It incluses:

  • The provision of all the printers and IPods necessary for the sale and for the access control
    All the bound thermal necessary tickets, the origin and the perforation during the demonstration
    The provision of all the agents necessary for the sale and for the access control during the event (base: service of 4 hours).
    The collection and the control of revenue counters
    The management and the payment of the agents of sale and access control
    The collection in bank and the transfer of recipes to the organizer during the periodic transfers
 Type event Tarif HT
From 0 to 100 people Contact us
From 100 to 500 people
From 500 to 1000 people
From 1000 to 2000 people
From 2000 to 3000 people
From 3000 to 4000 people
From 4000 to 5000 people
+ 5000 people ( Festivals, fairs, particular events)



Eticket NC suggests accompanying you in all the process of implementation of your box office thanks to the skills of the members of his(her) team, every professionals stemming from the middle of the special event management and from the cultural in New Caledonia and on the international stage. Of the simple configuration in the complete management of your box office, Eticket NC proposes you its à la carte services. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover all our offers of welcome and development of customer loyalty!

Entiled Incluses
Configuration of your ticketing
  • Configuration of the index card event and accesses according to information supplied by the organizer
    Configuration of the sessions, the tariff categories with or without quota
    Configuration of the promotions typifies code promotional
    Configuration of package typical complexes pass festivals or fairs or sports events of groups
    Configuration of compulsory forms + paying options or not
    Creation of the physical ticket offices

Integration of a placed sale
  • Configuration of all the seats
  • Modelling of the plan of room on the software
  • Configuration of price lists according to zones
Development / custom-made intervention on the solution
  • Evolution of the solution for implementation of new features
Use of the partner physical points of sale of Eticket NC
  • Sale of bills / registrations on points partner relays of Eticket present NC throughout the country
Implementation of the alert email
  • Link of one or several emails in an event to receive a notification as soon as an on-line transaction is validated
Moral and financial balance sheet/report of your event + recommendations
  • Statistical study on the Return on investment of sales

  • Advise in development


For a personalized estimate, contact us