In order to control admissions to your event, you have several options:

1- The "good, old list"
You can download (on excel or csv file) and print the list of all the participants and proceed to a manual admission control of the tickets. To do so, you must close the online sellings before the opening of you event, on site.

2- The Eticket NC free App
Thanks to the Eticket NC App, that you can download for free on the Itunes Store, you can manage your admissions in all situations securely. The Eticket NC App is free, fast, easy-to-use and efficient. It enables you to scan quickly the QR codes printed on the ticket through your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

When an internet access is available on site (WIFI/4G), you can synchronize in real time the control data between the computing server and any control device connected. Tickets sold on site and at the eleventh hour will then be recognized by the control devices. You can use several control devices at a time.

In case the internet connexion fails, you are still able to control tickets, as long as you have previously downloaded the data base on the control device. Only the tickets sold after the download of the data base won't be recognized by the control device and you'll have to make a manual control.

When controlling admissions, the scanned ticket is either:

  • "valide" (admission authorized),
  • "invalide" (ticket has already been scanned),
  • "introuvable" (ticket doesn't exist in the data base)


Configuration requested fir the installation of the Eticket NC Admission Control App 

  • possess an Iphone / Ipod touch / Ipad working on iOS 7.0 or a latest version
  • the device should include a camera in working order to activate the scan function of the mobile App. 

Download the Appplication

You should connect your device to internet and then clic on the following link: 

Eticket mobile Application for Admissions control

Clic then on the button "View in iTunes"

If you do not possess an account on iTunes, you will be invited to create one. 

Once done, you can access to the download page of the App.