Spirit team

The company was based in 2013 by Diane-Lise DA-ROS, Frédéric Lucien and Cédric MIQUEL. While organizing events we understood the need to set up a service of local box-office, a solution with which we could answer all the entrepreneurs of activities of leisure activities. New Caledonian company implanted to Nouméa, Eticket NC is a solution of box-office, registrations, management of the schedules and the management of entrances developed by specialists of the special event management, the passionate computing developers and the expert in telecommunication and network. Since then, the company filled out with the coming of Nadège LAGNEAU and Emile NEVERS. We are all livened up by a strong team spirit and we place the customer satisfaction at the heart of our success. Ask to meet us to assure you that we shall have the solution which suits you !