I want to subcribe 

Certain organizerq propose annual sabscription or memberships to allow you:

- Is to attend events with preferential rates

- Let be to be able to have access to events reserves for the membership.

In every case, a subcription offers multiple advantages.

These subscriptions/memberships are sold themselves as any ticket/registration. You can find all the available subscriptions by using the search engine and by selecting "Subscription" in the criterion of search "Category/kind".

Click on the subscription of your choice and complete your purchase of subscription.


I am already a subcriber

When you signed and paid your subscription, the system will recognize you automatically every time you will connect with your identifiers (email and password) on the site www.eticket.nc. You will benefit then immediately and automatically from preferential rates or activities booked for the subscribers/members.

In case the system does not recognize you as subscribed or as you do not see the preferential rates appearing in the tunnel of order, contact us here by specifying us your name, your identifier email and the event for which you wish to obtain a ticket/registration.