You are regulary interested in the offers proposed on Eticket NC in terms of activities of leisure activities and/or sport ?

We suggest you buildung up to yourselves an ticket office which will allow you to manke reservations for your employees without having to move you.

For that purpose, it is very simple:

  • You pass on to transmit us a valid emain as well as the payment conditions wich you can accept (species, checks, paybos, TPE)
  • We create you an acess ticket office
  • You connect with your indentifiers ( email and passeword)
  • you realize sales for your employees as if you were a (ticket office) if the organizers of the events grant price rates favores to the IT
  • They pass on to transmit you the corresponding promotional cades, which you can use to benefit from preferential rates
  • Every 15 days, you will receive from Eticket NC an invoice with the amount of the receipts which you have to put back
  • You put back funds via bank transfer at the account of recipes planned for that purpose.

By creatin an access ticket office, you alsoo have the possibility:

  • To find an employee in the customer database and reprint him her ticket if they misled them for example
  • To visualize a cash statement at the end every day ( and verify your collections)
  • To be totally autonomoud and to book for your employees so many tickets as you wish it 

 Very pratical: opt for the deferred payment !

With the option deferred payment, you allow your employees who do not wish to pay by internet to make themselves orders them on-line since their office or at their home, then to come to the IT to settle their order in cash or by check. You find them in the customer database with a status of payment " in wait " and you can finalize the order having to collect the payment.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish credit note of more ample information concerning the offers reserved for the work concils.