Book your place for a session

To reserve your place for one you have just acquired the valid credits on the sessions of activities of your organizer. you have then the possibility of using these credits and of reserving your place for one of the proposed sessions.

Once the credits were bought, you receive an email of confimation of payment. It's then necessary to book session of your choice on the schedule of activities.

For that purpose, connect in your account with your identifiers ( mail and password), then click the tab " My customer account". At the bottom of the page you perceive the story of your orders. Find the purchasing order of credits then click "to consult".

You have the possibility of seeing  how many credits it remains in you and to book your place on/ the session(s) of your choice:

The schedule of activities opens and you can then book your place on the session of your choice, as long as this one shows of the availability.

It will be asked to you to inform the beneficiary of the session and its date of birth before validating. The beneficiary is the person who really participates in the session.

Cancel a booking and defer her

It is possible that for a reason indepent from your will, or simply by choice, you wish to cancel your inscription in a session of activity.

It's completely possible ! Meeting for for it in your customer account in the tab "My customer account". In the story of your orders, consult the orders concerns your cancellation. You can visualize all the sessions which you reserved. Click simply the small basket situated to right and it's done ! Your reservation is cancelled and your fixed price is re-credited automaticallly. You can then reserve a new session.

Watch out, spent certain deadline (fixed by the organizer) the cancellations are not possible any more and you lose your credit.

Put itself on waiting list on a being « sold out » session

You wish to attend the session of dive of Tuesday, 9 am. Unfortunalety this one is sold out as you wished to book your place.

Click all the same the button  "Book my place". You are automatically put in waiting list. This reservation will sell automatically your fixed price of a credit-session (The time of validation or not the list) :

If a cancellation intervenes, you will receive automatically an email of warning.

You just have to click the link contained in this email to validate your reservation. If you are severak customers to be on waiting list, it is the first one who clicks the link wich takes the place. When you receives the email of warning, you have till 12 hours before the session tio validate your place. Beyond, you cannot reserve any more your placeon this session and you are automatically re-credited on your account.

If you wish to recover in waiting list on this session, it will be necessary do it again the operation described above.